First match announced for April 9th!

Kyle Vs Pelle

The first match for WORLD-1’s April 9th event has been announced! In a first ever meeting, former WORLD-1 Tag Team champion Pelle Primeau will battle newcomer to WORLD-1, Kyle Kristopher. Earlier this week Kyle flooded with emails, demanding to know his opponent. You can read an excerpt from one of the several dozen emails we received below.

Well this is ridiculous. This is my 89th email to this website, and I still don’t know who I am wrestling. How am I supposed to train? Probably like you guys running this website train, eating Doritos all day. Who is running this place, anyway? You book me on your show, which is the only smart thing you’ve done so far, and then you don’t even tell me who I am wrestling. Sorry to bother you, get back to your pudding pie, you turd.”

Hopefully, now that he knows his opponent Kyle Kristopher can stop emailing us and begin his training for this match.

Pelle Primeau, was trained by some of the greatest wrestlers in the world and was a mainstay for several years in Ring of Honor. Pelle has taken some time away from the sport and is eager to get back involved and reclaim his position as one of the greatest in the world on April 9th against Kyle Kristopher. Both men have a lot to prove and all eyes will be on them in Morganville NJ.

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