A sit down interview with Kyle Kristopher


WORLD-1: We are being joined today by Kyle Kristopher. Kyle Thank you for taking the time to sit down with WORLD1wrestling.com.

Kyle: Yeah thanks, the pleasure is all mine…. Nice sweater, where did you get it; the clearance rack at the Salvation Army? You look ridiculous.

WORLD-1: Who can WORLD-1 fans expect to see when you step into the ring on April 9th?

Kyle: Who can they expect? C’mon, you know better than anyone WHO they can expect. Why should I ruin the surprise? Let me just say, it’s worth the price of admission alone as you get to be graced by the presence of The One, The Only, The Prodigy himself Kyle Kristopher.

WORLD-1:  Your opponent on April 9th, Pelle Primeau is a respected veteran in the ring. Having been trained by some of the greatest competitors in ROH history, including Daniel Bryan, does this make you train any different?

Kyle: Who? Never heard of him. I don’t care if you’ve been trained by the best in the world or God himself. I’ve never heard of him so he’s exactly that, a nobody. So he has years of experience, great. I’m not even the slightest bit concerned for our match On April 9th in Morganville NJ. I have a bigger vision and Pelle Primeua is the least of my concerns right now. Rather than writing a love letter to his former trainer, he should be trying to find a way out of this match to save himself the embarrassment that he is going to endure in a few short weeks. He is going to be leaving Morganville the same way Daniel Bryan feels about him, disappointed.

WORLD-1: What are your main goals here in WORLD-1?

Kyle: My Goals? Well seeing how unimpressed I am at the state of this roster I’d say my goals will be achieved rather quickly. I came here to work with the best in the world and being  World-1 Champion is my only goal.

WORLD-1: Where does this attitude of yours come from?

Kyle: Attitude? Do you have a problem with me and how I talk? I am Kyle Kristopher, The Prodigy. I am better then you, and everyone else in this promotion. So yeah, I can be afforded that luxury. Don’t worry though, its Goooood.

WORLD-1: Any final words for the fans of WORLD-1?

Kyle: Yeah, I have a little message for them alright. I don’t care if you like me, hate me, cheer me or boo me. I just don’t care. I’m better then all of them. They paid to come see me so sit and watch because this match isn’t going to last long, not at all. Pelle Primeau, you’re in for the match of your life.

WORLD-1: Any words for your opponent, Pelle Primeau?

Kyle: Don’t show up and like your hero Daniel Bryan, retire.

WORLD-1: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today.

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