WORLD-1 says goodbye

WORLD-1 began in 2007 as B4W Pro Wrestling, with the intention of running 3-4 events. Five years later and nearly 70 events later, WORLD-1 closed its doors. This article below was posted in February of 2012:

I began B4W, later WORLD-1, to put on shows that I would enjoy as a fan. Our first show we had several local talents in addition to 5 main stars, Of those five men who we had booked only one kept their commitment. Steve Corino.

I had been a fan of Steve Corino’s for years, and I can say now, after knowing him for a number of years, the person he is outside of the ring is even better than what you see inside of it, if you can believe that. With Steve’s help B4W became a very successful promotion and years later when he needed to head down to Puerto Rico for a year he gave me the opportunity to run 3K Wrestling, his company. We would later merge B4W and 3K and out of that we got WORLD-1 Wrestling.

It was an incredible time and we produced, what I feel, were some of the most fun events in the area. There are so many people to thank for our long run and I would like to take a few moments to do that now.

Steve Corino – There would never have been a second or third show without him, let alone 70 plus events. I learned so much from him and I encourage any fan of wrestling to see him live if he is in your area. Check out his current DREAMS project today at .

Mike Kehner – I feel as though it’s impossible to run a show without someone like Mike. When you reach a point in your career when you don’t need to give advice, or could go out and “go through the motions” and yet you constantly are working on the improvement and betterment of the locker room and working as hard/harder than people just starting their careers, you symbolize everything that is right about the sport.

Midnight Sensations – Two of my all time favorite wrestlers. WORLD-1 would not have continued without the hard work of Chris Rockwell, and later on, Sam Shields. The entire company was built around these guys and it was so easy to do based on how talented and versatile these two are. Loyal and professional, if you haven’t seen these guys live you don’t know what you’re missing. Easily the hardest working tag team in the sport today.

Jake Manning and the Highspots crew – Early in our history these guys were instrumental and helped introduce us to a lot of new talent and put on some of my personal favorite matches.

The B4 guys – We had a great crew of guys who would do anything asked of them from setting up the ring, to building entrances to refereeing, to video editing, to a million other jobs. I could not and would not have been able to run events without them.

John Finegan – One of my all time favorite people, and the best referee in the sport.  It was such a pleasure for me to get to talk to John, one of the few guys with ECW from start to finish, and get to ask a million annoying questions. A true pro.

Ricky Landell – Most people know that Ricky took some time off for awhile and that was always disappointing for me, as a fan of his. It was really great for me that one of the last things we were able to do was to get him out of semi-retirement, because the sport needs guys like him.

Alex Anthony – Grizzled veteran. Randy the Ram. Or so he would have you believe. No one loves the sport more than Alex and if you ever have a chance to see him live, do yourself that favor. He is guaranteed to steal the show in any role or any position on the card. He did a lot for WORLD-1.

Roxie Cotton – Now known as Gabby Gilbert, Roxie was instrumntal in the booking of all female talent on our shows. Her infectious personality made her a joy to have in our locker room.

Fred Rubenstein – Fred has gone above and beyond and has been such a classy gentlemen in a business that is not known for that. He welcomed me into the NWA when I first starting out based on my love of pro wrestling, and nothing else. Thanks for everything Fred.

Mark Mest – So many times Mark went out of his way to help us and not only helped us out, but was happy to do it. The sport is better today, because Mark and people like him are involved in it.

Mike Mattix – Helped us with the purchase of our ring, a great up and coming talent who was a pleasure to work with.

I was lucky enough to work with so many awesome guys and girls from Jake Roberts to Jerry Lynn to Blue Meanie, it was just such a blast. Also big thanks to Greg Spitz, Adam Cole, Teddy Fine, Pelle Primeau, Delirious and the entire Pro Wrestling Respect crew, Colby Corino, Veda Scott, Damian Dragon, King Kaluha, Marcus Dowling, Ryan Sawyer, Bring the Payne, Bobby Dempsey, The Funky Fresh Boys, Ricky Reyes, Bobby Shields, AHTU, Matt Bennett, Dave Kehner, Joe and Mike from TWA/ECWA, Rob Dimension, Blk Jeez, Big Sal, Kevin Keenan, Alison Danger, Erico and the midwest guys, and Cowboy Bob.

Most everyone I mentioned is still involved in pro wrestling today, and I encourage everyone to check these guys out.

I have been so lucky to be able to be involved with so many true professionals. I was able to do more than I ever thought possible, and I owe thanks to everyone who made that possibly especially the fans who came to the events.

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