Current Champion: Jay D Luscious
October 29th 2016 from Prince Christoph

WORLD-1 Heavyweight Title History

1) Masato Tanaka

February 7, 2004 from PWF Champion CM Punk and  Jerry Lynn (Decision Match) in Philadelphia, PA

Vacated in January 2006 to concentrate on ZERO1 heavyweight title.

2) Ricky Landell

January 29, 2006 from Mark Mest (Decision Match) in Boyertown, PA

Vacated in August 2009 for refusing to defend championship.

3) Steve Corino

August 16, 2009 from The Beast, Greg Spitz, & GPS (Decision Match) in Jackson, NJ

4) The Beast

January 31, 2010 from Steve Corino in Jackson, NJ

5) Prince Christoph
January 31st 2010 defeated The Beast in Jackson NJ

6) Jay D Luscious
October 29th 2016 defeated Prince Christoph in Morganville NJ

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