North American

Current Champion: VACANT

North American Title History

1) Tommy Thunda

September 1, 2007 from Senor Grande (Decision Match) in Lakewood, NJ

2) Steve Corino

October 6, 2007 from Tommy Thunda in Morganville, NJ

3) Jihad

December 8, 2007 from Steve Corino in Morganville, NJ

4) “Super Sweet” Travis Lee

March 15, 2008 from Jihad in Morganville, NJ

5) Greg Spitz

May 24, 2008 from Super Sweet in Morganville, NJ

6) Kid America

October 11, 2008 from Greg Spitz in Morganville, NJ

7) Steve Corino (2)

January 30, 2009 from Kid America in Neptune, NJ

8) Alex Anthony

March 27, 2009 from King Kaluha in Neptune, NJ

Kaluha was subbing for Corino.

9) Ricky Reyes

January 31, 2010 from Alex Anthony in Jackson, NJ

Reyes vacates the title when he leaves WORLD-1.

10) Adam Cole

July 18, 2010 from Ryan Sawyer, decision match, in Jackson, NJ.

11) Sam Shields 
February 13th 2011 from Adam Cole in Jackson NJ

12) Steve Corino (3)
September 25th 2011 from Sam Shields in Jackson NJ.

13) Sam Shields (2)
December 4th 2011 from Steve Corino in Jackson NJ.

14) L.A Vin
April 9th 2016 from Sam Shields in Morganville NJ

15) Sam Shields (3)
June 18th from Pelle Primeau and LA Vin in a Triple Threat match

16) Jay D Luscious
July 30th from Sam Shields in Morganville NJ
Forfeited title after capturing W-1 championship

17) TBA
March 18th from ____in Morganville NJ
Tournament match to determine new champion

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